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LANAP® Laser Treatment- High Point Periodontics

Less Pain. Less Discomfort.

What is LANAP® or Laser Gum Surgery?

Unlike the traditional Osseous Surgery, LANAP™ laser gum surgery does not require the use of a blade, or sutures. It is a minimally invasive surgery that results in very little gum recession and pain for the patient. The laser operates at a wavelength that can tell the difference between the diseased and healthy tissue. The laser is extremely safe and selective. Dr. Lanier, can remove the diseased tissue and bacteria from your gums without harming, cutting, or removing healthy tissue.

So Why Choose LANAP or Laser Gum Surgery?

  • You eliminate dental visits and less time in the dental chair
  • There is no need for scaling and root planing appointments with the hygienist
  • With LANAP™ there is no cutting or sutures
  • Laser surgery patients have 98% success rate of remaining stable after 5 years
  • Dr. Lanier may recommend a soft diet for a day, but most feel good enough to eat anything they want after the procedure
  • There is less than a 24 hour recovery period, so you can return to work immediately
  • The LANAP™ Procedure is safe for patients with diabetes, HIV, hemophilia or those taking blood thinners
  • There is little to none gum recession

Try the Laser Alternative to Traditional Gum Surgery